Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leadership and Service

I believe that all the best leaders in the world come from a place of service. That's what makes them great leaders. They're able to take charge and realize that they have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to be of service. There are many types of leaders in the world today, but to me, the best leaders are those that lead by example. They walk the walk and talk the talk.

When I was working at Nordstrom I had a coworket who didn't say very much, but I learned so much about customer service from her actions. I saw how she treated customers and how those customers appreciated the service she provided. They always came back and asked for her help. Eventually she became a manager and became very successful in her position.

So what else makes for a good leader?

A good leader can emphatize with people. He/she can try to understand what another person is going through at the same time do something to lift that person up and bring a smile to their face.

A good leader is organized and can manage time. In any company there are often many projects that need to juggled. This is where a project management degree could come in handy.

A good leader is committed to the people that he/she serves - whether it's the people within the company or their customers. There's a commitment to helping everyone succeed.

A good leader is also a good trainer. He/she is able to show people how to do things effectively and efficiently while providing support along the way.

A good leader is also a good listener. They listen to feedback from the people that they lead.

Regardless of your education or experience, everybody has the potential to be a great leader. You could be a high school dropout, have a masters in human resources, or even be a stay-at-home mom working via the Internet - as long as you have the desire to help people and inspire them to be the best that they can be.

I could probably go on and on about what makes a good leader, but the bottom line is that when you look at the good leaders of the world, they inspire you to want to do better and be a better person.

What characteristics of good leaders would you add to this?

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Rick Conlow said...

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