Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Studying Psychology Can Help in Business

The Brain

Ever since I was a little girl in the sixth grade, I wanted to study psychology. I’ve always been interest in the brain and mind, and wanted to know why people act the way they do. So when it came time to choose a major in college, naturally I chose the field of psychology and also decided to minor in business.

People always used to ask me why I chose to study psychology. They couldn’t grasp how someone could make money after graduation. Those who were oblivious to what exactly psychology is thought I was learning how to read people’s minds. So, what am I thinking? This is a question many people would ask. They had no idea that you could apply psychology to any profession, because after all, we all use our minds regardless of what we’re doing. And as far as making money in the field of psychology, a person could study forensic psychology and possibly make six figures as a consultant. That’s just one example.

I chose to study psych not only because I was fascinated with the human mind, but also because I understood that it would help in my business endeavors. Why do people buy what they buy? What kinds of psychological triggers inspire people to business with one another or make them choose one business over another? Does our environment or upbringing affect our choices?

At the time I was attending college, I wasn’t aware that there is a field called industrial organizational psychology that I could have focused on. Applying psychological principles to the workplace is definitely right up my alley. As an I/O psychologist, you can help employees by understanding what motivates them to be successful and how they can be more productive. You look out for the well-being of employees and want them to be happy. Any leader within an organization can benefit from studying I/O psychology because, in essence, understanding these principles can help with internal customer service.

Looking back, I’m grateful to have studied psychology because it helped me understand the principle of nature vs nurture and how nurturing can foster better communication. I learned empathy and became more conscious of the fact that every person is different and we all think differently, so when I encountered difficult customers, I knew not to take things too personally.

What do you think? Does understanding psychology help when it comes to business and dealing with customers?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Psychology is awesome! In fact, I'm thinking of specializing in organizational behaviour, so called “ Industrial Psychology”, next year in school.

Business is comparable to a human body. http://su.pr/2QLrlf It is important to keep both the physical and mental mind in a good condition. Physical conditions would be something equivalent to things like finance or accounting, whereas mental conditions would be something like customer feedback and evaluation, and staffing. Business people don't have to be an expert in psychology but I definitely agree that they should learn more about psychology to help them improve in running the company in real life!